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About Us

Mission Statement – Purely Superfoods.

Potent, honest and pure: Purely Superfoods exists to put a fresh, plant-based, high quality, great tasting spin on food supplements to make it easy for you to become healthier, fitter, leaner & stronger.

We’ve always been inspired by the immense power and amazing health benefits of the world’s most nutrient-rich plants and we want to share the very best that nature has to offer.

Our mixes combine GMO free superfoods and natural blends that are designed by us to meet the many needs of your busy lifestyle and complement your diet. They have been designed to be convenient and balanced combinations for daily needs that are tailored to you.

Our Story

We initially formed Purely Superfoods as we were looking for the best quality source of vegetarian and vegan protein. Once we started looking into the pea, hemp and rice proteins we kept noticing these things called ‘superfoods’. We then started looking into them and on learning how important they are and what they can do for everyone, not just people following a vegan or vegetarian diet, that was it – Purely superfoods was born.

Having been vegetarian for years and starting to get into fitness and a healthy lifestyle (as well as getting older) we soon realised that we needed to supplement what our bodies were missing. Over the years many new products have now come out that have made it easier – but these are generally processed, we wanted something natural and not necessarily milk based even though I wasn’t vegan – surely we are not the only ones. We know protein is so important to recover from training and we want to spread this message to enhance others lifestyle as well. The vegan options utilise vegan milk powder and are becoming more available and some are just as potent as the whey version, but great for vegans or those with milk intolerances. We look to provide the most pure, potent and clean product available. All of our vegan protein powders are natural and we have worked hard to make them taste delicious so you enjoy them as much as we do.

We then discovered the superfoods and the amazing benefits they have for everyone, not just the old, not just the active and not just the vegetarians and vegans – these things are amazing. Each product offers its unique health benefit and we have worked hard to provide you with blends that can offer you a multitude of health benefits in one serving.

We also offer each product as a sample order so you can determine if it is right for you.

If you want to learn more about our products check them out, if you want some further advice do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team who will help you get the best out of our products. We are open to any suggestions as to any new products you would like to get from us, we are here for you and will source the best and natural product we can.