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Purely: Learn - Barley Grass

Barley Grass fields in Canterbury, New Zealand.


Barely Grass

Barley has been used by humans for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians, Romans and Vikings all used Barley. It was discovered that the leafy growth of the young plant serves as a hugely complete food, bringing a vast range of benefits to the diets of both livestock and humans.

Many of Barley Grass’ benefits come from its chlorophyll content. This is the same chemical that makes grass green, an essential ingredient in photosynthesis it is the basis of all plant life. Chlorophyll also has a very similar structure to blood haemoglobin. The rich source of chlorophyll in Barley Grass is an important detoxifier for the body. It has many vitamins (B2, B6, beta carotene, vitamin E and vitamin K) and over 50 different minerals.

Barley Grass field in Canterbury, New Zealand.

The Production

We source our Barley Grass from an organic farm in Canterbury, New Zealand. It is harvested while the plant is still young. This process is designed to allow a high proportion of the plant’s original nutritional value to be retained. Once the Barley Grass has been harvested it is dehydrated, once dried, the powder is milled into powder.

Health Benefits:

Purely Superfoods Organic Barley Grass contributes to the following health benefits:

Energy and Fatigue

✔ reduction of tiredness and fatigue

 ✔ energy-yielding metabolism

Brain Function and Nervous System

✔ normal psychological function

✔ nervous system support

Bones, Teeth and Muscles

✔ maintenance of bones and teeth

✔ normal muscle function

Hair, Blood, Heart and Cardiovascular Health

✔ formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin

✔ maintenance of normal blood pressure


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