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Purely: Learn - Spirulina

The south China sea.


Spirulina is one of Earth’s oldest life forms, an algae. It provides a huge range of nutritional benefits and has been enjoyed for centuries by several Asian cultures. Centuries ago the Aztec civilisation cultivated it as a staple food, and today this ‘miracle from the sea’ is regarded as a superfood.
Its main ingredient protein typically forms around 60-70% of the product. It contains all eight of the essential amino acids – those that our body cannot manufacture for itself and that we must obtain from our food – This is reinforced by the presence of important vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin B12 (often lacking in a vegetarian diet) - making it a useful protein source for vegetarians. Spirulina is also rich in Iron, Calcium and antioxidant compounds.

Spirulina from the South China Sea.

The Production

Spirulina is grown organically on an island in the South China Sea. Production starts with batches cultivated and grown by photosynthesis in cultivation ponds containing filtered, natural water. Once it has reached the required density the Spirulina is harvested, then dried using a process of spray evaporation to create a powder while losing virtually none of the nutritional value.

Health Benefits:

Purely Superfoods Spirulina Powder contributes to the following health benefits:


Energy and Fatigue

✔ reduction of tiredness and fatigue

 ✔ energy-yielding metabolism

Brain Function and Nervous System

✔ normal psychological function

✔ nervous system support

Bones, Teeth and Muscles

✔ maintenance of bones and teeth

✔ normal muscle function

Hair, Blood, Heart and Cardiovascular Health

✔ formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin

✔ maintenance of normal blood pressure



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